Being The Best

by Alex Williams

Being The Best

Sometimes being the best at a law firm isn't just not good enough, it's worse than being mediocre. Being a talented associate and a good lawyer can get you into deep trouble at a law firm. Ever wondered how those partners get all their work done when they seem to spend their whole time on golfing trips with their blue chip clients? Wonder no more - the answer is, it's you.

Talent and expertise lead to extra helpings of complex cases, the stuff the partner's can't, or won't, understand, the stuff that wealthy clients will pay big bucks to straighten out. But the consequences for that summer weekend you booked in the Cotswolds will be dire.

Far better to be mediocre. That way, partners leave you alone. After all, you might mess things up, so much better to give the work to someone else. And the chances are you won't get fired - unless you're really terrible. And if you do - so what? get yourself a nice severance package, take the summer off, and apply somewhere else in September. 




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